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Notiface - Electronic bracelets - Patent pending

Touching your nose, mouth and eyes helps Viruses to enter your body. Our electronic system alerts you by vibrating, whenever you are about to touch your face, to keep you from doing it or as a reminder to wash your hands.



The CDC (USA health protection agency) recommendations:

"avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth", "wash your hands often"  . The CDC also claims, that the two most significant ways to be infected are: to breathe the virus or touching your face after touching contaminate surfaces

  • Rechargeable Battery 

  • Easily remove electronic elements before washing

  • Magnets included: dangerous to heart pacemakers wearers 


Frequently asked questions

Can the device help avoiding virus infection?

If you listen to the alert and wash your hands more frequently, you will improve the chances that the virus will stay away from your body.

How to use the Virconic?

It's simple!

  • Charge the battery
  • Wear the bracelets on both your hands
  • Wear the necklace around your neck
  • Turn it on using the switch
  • Wash your hands and then try touching your face. Can you feel the vibration and sound?
  • Now you will be aware instead of absent-mindedly touching your face.
  • When washing your hands, do so for at least 20 seconds.

What should I do when I sleep?

Take the device off and charge its battery.

Can I wash the necklace?

Yes. But remove the electronic elements first.

What should I do when I make a phone call?

You can talk regularly but you can do it with a speaker or some headphones. Or you switch the device off during the conversation.



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