Frequently asked questions

Does the device help not to be infected?

If you listen to the alert and wash your hands more frequently, you will improve your chances that the virus will stay out of your body.

What should I do when I sleep?

Take the device off. charge the battery

Can I wash the bracelets?

Yes. But remove the electronic and metal elements first.

What should I do when I am talking with my mobile phone?

You can use the mobile, If you prefer you can use bluetouth speaker or switch off the Virconic

How to use the Notiface device?

it is simple Charge the battery Turn it on using the switch Wear the bracelets on both your hands Wear the necklace on your neck Wash your hands and then try touching your face. Can you fill the vibration and sound? Now You will be more aware when you touch your face. When washing your hands do so carefully at list for 20 seconds


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